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  • Conference Room 1
    Need a meeting space with a little elbow room?   The smart people book the Einstein room!!!  Comfortably seats 8 with room to spare!
  • Conference Room 2
    This conference room has privacy doors and the famous HUB window that goes opaque at the flip of a switch.  It comfortably seats 6 at the table and has extra seating in case you have a larger group.  This room has a big screen TV with USB ports to use for your business presentation.  This is the room with the $ and # in it.
  • Conference Room 3
    This room features a round table with 6 plush chairs, perfect for those long meetings.  (this room was what we called "the quiet room")
  • Conference Room 101 Hub Suites
    This is a perfect space for a meeting for a small group. Seats up to 3 persons.   *****This room is at Hub Suites*****
  • Conference Room N Hub Suites
    Need to pop in for a quick meeting, take a call, or sign some papers? This is the space for you! Accommodates 1-3 persons comfortably.   *****This room is at Hub Suites*****
  • Conference Room 102 Hub Suites
    This space is a little bit larger, chic, and swanky. Seats up to 8 guests.   *****This room is at Hub Suites*****
  • Board Room Hub Suites
    This space is for the serious meeting. Custom made conference table and sleek chairs that seats up to 20.   *****This room is at Hub Suites****